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Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

The first time I walked through the door, it was apparent that Annunciation Orthodox School was a school that knew itself. Strolling around campus, I was struck by the community's cohesiveness and spirit. There was a sense of excitement, a sense of expectation, and a sense of joy. It was clear that everyone - students, faculty, staff, parents, and administration - understood and believed in the school and in its mission.

Although enrollment, location, and facilities have changed dramatically during our history, there has been one constant: the culture. The people here are the ones who have created and continued to sustain this culture. We are a faculty dedicated to children, learning, and helping children discover what they can do.

AOS is a school of bicycle-riders.  This analogy resonates with us because it is significant to many of the elements of education in which we believe. At AOS we ask the children to do the riding in their own education as often as possible.  When children are doing their own pedaling, they learn balance; they learn resilience and they learn that they are up to the challenges of the journey, and in doing the hard work of pedaling; they invest in their own education.  Finally, as the students become accustomed to the process of riding, they learn self-confidence, and they discover what they truly can do.

Allowing our students to do the riding also influences our roles as adults in their lives.  Instead of doing for them, we become facilitators of their journeys and encouragers of their rides.  Not only does this give our students support, but also it gives them the freedom to explore, to create, to make mistakes, and to learn from those mistakes.

As a visitor at AOS, you will see our children riding their bicycles every day.  You will see adults running along beside them giving encouragement. We hope you will stop by to see us.


Mark H. Kelly
Head of School


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