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Academic, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, and Physical Excellence in a Christian Environment

Why Hearts and Minds?

Annunciation Orthodox School is dedicated to learning through play and taking risks, building perseverance, and a genuine love of learning while nurturing the unique qualities of our students. A visit to AOS will reveal that our students are filled with joy and love for their school, their learning, and one another. Come and see AOS!

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Latest News

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  • Bomb Sniffer to Pet Therapy Dog

    How can dogs--and humans--find rewarding experiences from work and helping others? Third and fourth graders learned about pet therapy in a presentation September 24 by trainer Karin Stronck and her Czech German Shepherd dog, Boomer. Boomer had worked as a bomb sniffer dog on the Iraq-Kuwait border and was later retrained by Mrs. Stronck to be a pet therapy dog. Students enjoyed the presentation, especially the one-on-one time with Boomer. 
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  • Class of 1999 Reunion

    The AOS Class of 1999 celebrated their 20th reunion September 24 with a dinner at Vinoteca Poscól.  Thank you to our event hosts Keefer Lehner, Winnie Simmons Phillips, Lauren Garson Sanders, and Aron Will for making this memorable night such a success!
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  • National Anthem at Houston Astros Game

    Way to go Middle School Chorus for another awesome performance at the Houston Astros game September 12!  To make the night even better, we got to catch up with lots of AOS alumni before we all cheered for the Astros!  Go Dolphins and Astros!
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