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Mrs. Koinis with Kindergarten students in religion class.

Annunciation Orthodox School offers an educational experience that extends beyond academic excellence and includes the development of strong character in an Orthodox Christian environment. Every day, we celebrate the distinct talents and diverse backgrounds of our students, cultivating empathy, resilience, confidence, and agape (unconditional love in action) while fostering a joy of learning. Our students mature into grounded and compassionate members of society prepared for future challenges.


Annunciation Orthodox School, having grown from a ministry of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, celebrates the diverse and individual qualities of all children and their families. AOS provides a superior education in a secure and stimulating Christian environment which encourages the individual child to achieve academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical excellence, and to become a responsible member of our society.


The current strategic plan, which the Board of Trustees unanimously adopted in May 2017, guides our strategic direction. The "On Target" articles provided below report on the progress of this strategic plan.

2nd-grade students engaging Kelley Elliott, Assistant Head of Early Childhood & Lower School, in their project-based learning
Sam Fragomeni

After a full year of evaluating our curriculum, exploring how comfortable our faculty is with traditional and innovative teaching methods, and measuring the effectiveness of our overall delivery, the academic team and I plotted out a course of action for the 2019-2020 year. The primary objectives of this plan were: instituting two school-wide priorities, launching an academic coaching program, redesigning our professional learning communities, and expanding the academic support team.

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AOS students playing on the lower school playground.
Bryant Richardson

With the opening of our new Lower School Building and the charge of our current strategic plan, we spent the last few years increasing the safety and security of our campus. This article details many of the security improvements in three categories: Door Access and Locks, Alarms and Alerts, and Security Cameras and Lighting.

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Middle school boys work collaboratively on an online assignment
Jacquie Jaffe & Ivy Ruths

An initial aim of this strategic imperative is to have a school-wide curriculum that encourages important social-emotional skills such as grit, resilience, empathy, balance, perseverance, and leadership qualities. As a means to these ends, a special focus has been placed on the importance of a structured, integrated curriculum to support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

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