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Board of Trustees

The Board’s primary functions are to promote, protect, and advance the mission and vision of the school; ensure the present and future financial stability of the school; hire, support, and evaluate the Head of School; and develop strategic initiatives and goals for the school.

Diversity Statement

Annunciation Orthodox School believes that diversity enriches a school community. We respect racial, cultural, ethnic, physical, religious, socioeconomic, and philosophical differences in our students, faculty, administration and families. We celebrate our individuality and encourage a climate of mutual interest and respect, in accordance with our Christian values. Our commitment to diversity prepares our students to interact and communicate effectively with a spirit of understanding and compassion in an increasingly global society.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of AOS consists of 20 voting members, seven of whom are nominated by Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral. The voting members, along with the advisory and ex officio members, have a passion for serving AOS and each share their unique professional and personal expertise to support the AOS mission. In accordance with best practices, the Board includes current and former parents and other community members. 

Executive Committee

Bob Collins

AJ Gracely

Santos Hinojosa

Jason Stabell

Kris McGee
Past Chair

Dr. Samuel V. Fragomeni
Head of School

Voting Members

Matt Altenau

Marion Anderson

Constantina Boudouvas

Kevin Cokinos

Bob Collins

Paul Doyle

Michele Friedman

Jein Gadson

AJ Gracely

Santos Hinojosa

Katina Mathews

Kris McGee

Tom McGee

Ianni Palandjoglou

Helena Papadopoulos Johnson

Erin Patterson

Nicole Postolos

Janell Reniers

Mark Santikos

Jason Stabell

Advisory members

Dr. Spyros Catechis

Byron Cherry

Dr. Lara Shekerdemian

Hanson Yates

ex-officio members

Dr. Samuel V. Fragomeni

Fr. Michael Lambakis

Christina Altenau

George Vlahakos

Board of Trustees Committees & Task Forces

The Board’s committees and task forces play an essential role in advancing the work of the Board, which helps keep the Board focused on strategic and generative matters.


Task Forces

Why I Serve

"To raise a servant leader, I must be one. Serving is itself a gift. Pouring my time and energy into those that pour into my child is a high honor for me as a parent."

- Jein Gadson

"AOS has given so much to my family. Serving on the AOS Board of Trustees is a way for me to give back to AOS."

- Tammy Ahlgren

"To preserve and support AOS’s ability to educate curious and compassionate children who will change the world one heart at a time."

- Anthony Gracely