Thank you for taking the time to learn about Annunciation Orthodox School. Affectionately known as “The School for Hearts and Minds,” we believe education should not only build a solid academic framework, but also instill a firm sense of character and a strong foundation for a life of faith. While all independent schools have their own sense of community and traditions, the unique combination of these at AOS intentionally develops resilience, empathy, and confidence in our students. To enhance the excellent academic programs, AOS provides frequent public speaking opportunities, weekly chapel services, daily physical education, and a school-wide social-emotional curriculum that teaches our students how to self-reflect, communicate, and connect with one another and the broader community.

When you walk onto our campus, you feel love and respect woven into the fabric of all that we do. We foster this feeling by encouraging each child’s unique talents and interests in a safe, faith-filled environment. Whether it be an interest in robotics, a desire to create pottery, a proclivity for languages, or an aspiration to join a sports team, AOS provides ample opportunities to explore a wide variety of interests. Rooted in Greek Orthodoxy, our practices not only provide the tools for our students to journey through their own faith, but also to learn about others. Our diverse student body represents a wide variety of religious beliefs, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds. We celebrate these differences by inspiring our students to learn from one another and cherish the traits that make each one of us distinct.

Annunciation Orthodox School has a rich history spanning almost fifty years. This history and the unique traditions that stem from it provide a depth to our community that you won’t find anywhere else. From learning and performing Greek songs and dances at our annual Name Day Celebration, to the creation of life-long relationships between Chapel Buddies and the exuberance of Olympics, the experiences at AOS not only connect classmates with each other but also to past and future graduates. With each successive school year, we layer on top of this history while seeking ways to enhance what we do. Our faculty and staff dedicate themselves to the frequent examination of educational practices to ensure that we utilize cutting-edge techniques in the classroom, all while respecting and incorporating what makes AOS unique.

As you explore our website, you will see plenty of images and descriptions of life at AOS. Please do not stop here, though, as there is nothing quite like seeing our community in person. We invite you to schedule a tour and experience for yourself all that AOS has to offer. Come see The School for Hearts and Minds!


Dr. Samuel V. Fragomeni

Administrative Team

List of 12 members.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Advisory Members

Mrs. Kris McGee, Chair
Mr. Michael Koinis, Vice-Chair
Mr. Jason Stabell, Secretary
Mr. Alan Christensen, Treasurer
Dr. Samuel V. Fragomeni, Head of School
Mr. Matt Altenau
Dr. Spyros Catechis
Mrs. Michele Friedman
Mr. Jein Gadson

Voting Members

Ex-Officio Members

Mrs. Tammy Ahlgren
Mr. Demetrios Anaipakos
Mrs. Jen Arntzen
Mr. Byron Cherry
Mr. Alan Christensen
Mr. Morris Clark
Mr. Kevin Cokinos
Mr. Paul Doyle
Mr. Panos Georgiou+
Mrs. Eyvette Lopez Hetherington
Mr. Michael Koinis

+ In loving memory
Mr. Sean Maher
Mrs. Kris McGee
Mr. Tom McGee
Mr. Petros Papazis
Mr. Adrian Patterson
Mrs. Nicole Postolos
Mr. Will Randall
Mr. Mark Santikos
Mr. Jason Stabell
Mrs. Tiffany Utterson
Dr. Samuel V. Fragomeni
Fr. Michael Lambakis
Dr. Vasilios Mathews
Mrs. Erin McMillin

Annunciation Orthodox School

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