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Alumni Athletes: Michael Neary '14
Isabelle Dom

High School: Episcopal High School and Darien High School

College: Brown University

College Sport: Football

Current Major: Economics/Applied Math

Favorite Football Player:
Tom Brady. As a Patriots fan, I’m a little biased, but he is the greatest player to have ever touched the field.

Biggest Football Accomplishments:
Captain of 2017 Connecticut Class LL State Championship Winning Team and #1 ranked in CT (Darien High School) 2017 Gametime CT Top 25 Selection (top 25 football players in the state regardless of position) 2017 USA Today All USA Connecticut Football Team

What part of your game are you always working on?
You can almost always find me in the weight room. I love to work out, and it has shown on the field. As a defensive lineman, I need to be able to go up against guys that are often pushing 300 pounds.

What advice would you give to current members of the AOS football team?
Work hard, listen to your coaches, and always put the team’s success before your own.

How do you best manage your time being a college athlete at an Ivy League school?
There have definitely been some long nights, but I have found that blocking out time for certain things has helped me a lot. There is a time for school, a time for athletics, and time for yourself.

What’s your favorite AOS memory?
It would have to be the end of season football party when a few of the coaches jumped into the pool with us! Also, as a shy person, another favorite memory is the feeling after I gave my 8th grade Agape speech - it will stay with me forever.


This article was originally published in the Fall 2019 issue of The Delphian

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