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Blessings for a New Year
Penny Angelo

There’s no better way to celebrate the new year than with Vasilopita! This week, every religion class cut a Vasilopita to celebrate the new year and feast day of St. Basil. There are many variations to the story behind the Vasilopita, but one tells us that the people of Caesarea entrusted St. Basil with their treasures during a dangerous time. St. Basil held onto these personal treasures until the danger had passed, and a disagreement arose about which treasures belonged to whom. St. Basil ordered bread to be baked with the treasures inside multiple loaves. By a miracle, each person received exactly what they asked St. Basil to protect. Today, Orthodox Christians bake a coin inside their Vasilopites. The person who receives a slice with a coin is said to have a blessed year ahead. A special thank you goes to AOS parent Laura Fetokakis and Niko Niko’s for the delicious Vasilopites that were enjoyed by all! 

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