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Penny Angelo

AOS students, parents, teachers, and administrators came together to share the gift of reading with Blackshear Elementary School. Over 4,000 books were donated and blessed in order to provide a free book fair for students at Blackshear. Every child at AOS took part in preparations for this service learning project:

  • Jones Center and lower school students made bookmarks, decorated and packed snack bags (thanks to HEB), and made signs for the hallways. 

  • Middle school students held signs during carpool, wrote personalized notes on labels for each book, categorized the books, and moved books from the basement to the first floor for delivery to Blackshear. 

  • In addition to their other contributions, 8th-grade students traveled to Blackshear to host the event.

Once the book fair was set up at Blackshear, Delphi the Dolphin greeted nearly 400 students! 8th-grade students assisted Blackshear children to find their 10 favorite books. Once the books were placed into shopping bags, the best part began - reading!

A special thanks goes to our numerous parent volunteers and our PTC Service Learning Chairs Belinda McGinty, Brooke Beebe, Koetting Jackson, and Nancy Mathé. With an abundance of books, the AOS community was also able to bless both Harris Elementary School in Aldine ISD and Books Between Kids, a local non-profit. While books were certainly the center of this project, they were only secondary to the amount of agape felt by everyone involved.

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