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Capturing Kids' Hearts at AOS
Penny Angelo

At AOS, we believe that building meaningful relationships with students sets the foundation for a respectful school community with effective learning environments. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is an approach to classroom management that our teachers are trained to implement and our students experience from the moment they first walk through our doors.

Flip Flippen, the creator of Capturing Kids’ Hearts, makes a point to say that, “If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.” By fostering a safe classroom where empathy and diversity are valued, students will inevitably open their minds to learning. Our teachers are committed to engaging with each child, exploring their needs, and communicating in a way that empowers students to make good choices while taking ownership of their learning. 

To successfully create such an environment, each student must take responsibility for choosing behaviors that contribute positively to the school. At the core of Capturing Kids’ Hearts is the Social Contract which outlines behavioral expectations and addresses how students will treat the teacher, treat each other, and handle conflict. Students and teachers create the contract together, then sign and display it in the classroom. Throughout the year, the teacher will implement strategies to teach students how to live up to contract expectations on a daily basis.

Should a student fail to meet the expectations of the Social Contract, the hope is that he/she will self-correct or accept redirection from peers. If this does not occur, the teacher will implement an appropriate in-class consequence from those created by the teacher and students, thus keeping the members of a class accountable for their actions. 

As “The School for Hearts and Minds,” AOS offers an educational experience that extends beyond academic excellence. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is just one of the many ways we ensure students feel safe and respected in our community.


(More information about this topic, and others, can be found on the Coffee with Corbett resource board.)


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