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Cooking Class is Back!
Penny Angelo

Ms. Milios is taking students (and their taste buds) on a Greek food journey! The cooking enrichment class is back from hiatus, and our seventh-grade chefs are ready to learn. The class will explore well-known Greek foods, both savory and sweet, and they’ll even have a few other recipes mixed in just for fun. This week, students have already mastered the art of folding tyropitakia (cheese pies) into the perfect triangle. They’ve also made vegan coffee cupcakes and an incredibly flaky zambonotyropita (ham and cheese pie). It has been impossible to ignore the delicious smells of butter and phyllo wafting through the hallway. Just ask any of our faculty who have poked their heads in at just the right time to grab a bite! To conclude their first week, students watched My Greek Odyssey, a docuseries that engages viewers by showing the various regions of Greece. The class is off to a great start! OPA!

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