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Creating Champions
Isabelle Dom

During a year of seemingly insurmountable odds, our students persevered time and time again. Included here is a list of the athletic, art, and academic competitions in which our students took home first prize. We could not be more proud of all of our students as each
of them demonstrates the success of the AOS mission.


Girls Soccer
Our girls team finished at the top of their pool and played in the championship game, which they won 1-0 over the opposing team.

Team Roster
Sofia A. ’21
Chloe A. ’21
Sadie B. ’21
Greer F. ’21
Mary Elizabeth G. ’21
Bridget G. ’21
Julia L. ’21
Abby M. ’21
Calista M. ’21
Anna O. ’21
Harper R. ’21
Cati S. ’21
Olivia S. ’21

Track & Field
Not only did our track & field teams win the boys and girls team championships, the Dolphins finished the meet with an outstanding thirteen total 1st-place finishes in individual events.

Team Roster
Claire A. ’22
Charlie B. ’22
Caroline B. ’22 - 1st place, long jump, triple jump
Leiah B. ’22
Henry C. ’22
Langdon C. ’22
Marcos C. ’22
Gavin D. ’22
Avery D. ’22
Valentina D. ’22
Emma G. ’22
Christopher H. ’22
Kate J. ’22
Chloe K. ’22
Daniel M. ’22
Jonathan M. ’22
Akash M. ’22
Jonah M. ’22
Garvey O. ’22
Simone R. ’22
Milan S. ’22
Sarah Jane S. ’22
Noah W. ’22
Amelia Y.t ’22

Sammie A. ’21
Jack B. ’21
Landon D. ’21
Carson F. ’21 - 1st place, 400m, 4x100m relay
Evan F. ’21 - 1st place, 800m, triple jump
Carina G. ’21
Allison G. ’21 - 1st place, 400m, 800m
David H. ’21
Christopher H. ’21 - 1st place, 4x100m relay
Ethan J. ’21 - 1st place, 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay
Julia L. ’21
Brandon L. ’21
Calista M. ’21
Lucas M. ’21
Logan O. ’21
Luke O. ’21 - 1st place, 4x100m relay
David S. ’21
Ares S. ’21
Jay W. ’21

Fine Arts

Scholastic Key
Lexie S. ’21 won a Gold Key for her Jewelry Design, "Life on Your Ears"
Maryn W. ’22 won a Gold Key for her Critical Essay, "Gilmore Dollhouse".

We had 6 students enter the contest, four of which received an exemplary rating. Sabrina L. ’26, Maria R. ’26, MP S. ’25, and Ava W.
’25. Emma B. ’26 and Sophia P.s ’25 received a good rating.

Vase Jr
Laurel M. ’23 won for her animation. Bridget G. ’21 won for her Covid Canine sculpture.

Quiz Bowl
With about fifteen teams in total, our Quiz Bowl Team members competed in nine online tournaments this year. The 7th-Grade B Team
placed 1st in the Texas Middle School State Competition and went on to compete in the National Tournament. Their successes were
even featured in Buzz Magazine!

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