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Get to Know Your Director of Extended Day
Isabelle Dom

What is your most treasured possession?
My most treasured possession is a handmade bamboo fly-fishing rod that my dad single-handedly crafted for me. Growing up in Arkansas, I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking, fishing, and camping with my parents and two sisters. When my father began woodworking for a hobby, he decided to learn how to make bamboo fly rods and then gave one to each family member. It takes him around 140 hours to create one rod from 6 strips of bamboo shoots which he orders from China. I’ve been fly-fishing with my parents in Arkansas and Colorado many times and always love using this special bamboo rod that my dad made specifically for me.

What is your motto?
“Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is your better and better is your best!”

After taking Gallup’s Strengthsfinder assessment, it came to me, as no surprise, that my number one strength is “Maximizer.” This strength really shines throughout my work here at AOS. I am always striving and on the lookout to take things from “good” to “great” by improving upon systems, operations, and program quality. I am very much looking forward to all that’s in store throughout the exciting year ahead!

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
White pants. Brave, I know, especially when working with three-and four-year-olds and their frequently uncapped markers.

How did you earn your first dollar?
My first job was lifeguarding at the Racquet Club the summer after my sophomore year of high school. In the spring just before that very summer, my friends from the swim team and I went through lifeguard training. After many long hours, that truly did seem like an eternity at the time, we were honored to join the local aquatics workforce! I found that training and working as a lifeguard provided a great team environment and allowed me to provide an important service to patrons. Not only did I acquire the necessary skills that could help to save a life, I also learned valuable lessons that have helped many of my future endeavors. I worked as a lifeguard every summer through high school and college. Shortly after graduating with my undergraduate degree, I became the Aquatics Program Coordinator at the Jewish Community Center of Houston.

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