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Honoring the Feast Day of Theophany
Isabelle Dom

Lower and middle school students learned about the Feast Day of Theophany which was celebrated on January 6. Middle school students looked at the scripture detailing Christ’s baptism in the Jordan River and the five main parts of the Icon of Theophany: Christ, St. John the Baptist, Angels, the Holy Spirit in the form of the dove, and the heavens opening up with the voice of God the Father. This shows the Holy Trinity made manifest for the first time. They also watched a video demonstration comprised of a bowl of tap water (representing humanity) with black pepper (representing dirt/sin) sprinkled in it. When a plain finger is dipped in the water nothing happens, but when you dip a finger with dish soap (representing Christ) on it, all the pepper moves to the edges of the bowl, effectively “cleansing” the water. This demonstrated how Christ sanctified the water of the Jordan and how Holy Water can be used to help sanctify us.

Lower school students learned about baptism and the forgiveness of sins. Students learned the Greek word for sin which is "Amartia". This word means "missing the mark," and students used targets to practice hitting the bullseye or, in other words, aiming to be how God wants us to be.

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