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Ongoing Excellence in Athletics
Isabelle Dom

At AOS, our student-athletes excel in a wide variety of sports. With a cross-country team that is seemingly unstoppable and with a new football championship under our belt, we spoke with Athletic Director Michael Stovall to learn more about our athletics program and
its continued success.

How do you successfully sustain and ensure the continued success of a team and athletic program while also building a new championship program?

MS: Having the right coaches is step one of sustaining success for our program. We have a coaching staff that coaches to their strengths. Combined, they have over 100 years of experience in the sports they coach. Step two is having the numbers to give each team a chance to compete. The final step is ensuring we continue to develop our students into athletes. From lower school through middle school, having athletics every day is a huge plus. Coaches are able to work on skill development at a younger age while focusing on team concepts as they get older. Our lap day program keeps our kids in the best of shape, which helps our cross country team stay on top and with conditioning for other sports.

What has been the hardest part in the development of the football team?

MS: That’s an easy question - it’s having the numbers! While there is certainly an interest in football, the possibility of injury is often a strong deterrent. However, at AOS, the injury rate for our football players is not any higher than the other sports teams. Injuries don’t occur as much in middle school. They increase in high school as the kids get bigger. Additionally, our equipment is top of the line. We use the safest helmets and shoulder pads. Our coaches also do a great job of regularly incorporating proper tackling techniques into their practices.

What sets the AOS athletics program apart from the rest?

MS: Giving all of our students a chance to play any sport they choose! Whether they’re beginners or have been playing for years, there is always a spot for them on an AOS team. We have close to 100% participation because our students want to be part of a team and the comradery that is built from that. We are a very competitive school in the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference, and our teams continue to work hard and strive to be a champion team. It’s been so much fun for me as the Athletic Director to go and watch these teams compete. They play the sport the right way and represent AOS with class and respect. Come out and catch a game sometime, and you’ll see that!

AOS Sports Stats

  • Cross country swept conference championships four years in a row.
  • Boys volleyball made four straight finals appearances with three championship wins.
  • Field hockey made three straight semifinals appearances.
  • Girls volleyball made back-to back finals appearances with one win.
  • Football earned their first championship in 2018-2019.
  • Girls soccer made three straight finals appearances.
  • Girls basketball has won two championships.
  • Boys basketball has had five championship appearances in the past six years.
  • Girls fastpitch softball has had five straight championship appearances with three wins.


This article was originally published in the Fall 2019 issue of The Delphian

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