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Quiz Bowl Brains
Natalie McAfee

This past weekend, two AOS Quiz Bowl teams flew to Chicago to compete in the Middle School Quiz Bowl National Tournament. Ms. Mac and I are so proud to say that we did better than we ever have before, and better than any Houston school except T.H. Rogers! Our first hurdle was to qualify for playoffs on Sunday, and if we only made it that far, we would have gone home feeling like we did a great job! Making the playoffs is not easy as there are 142 teams and only 42 make the playoffs. To our delight, not only did we qualify for playoffs after Saturday's games, but we continued to advance on Sunday until the 7th-grade team came in 13th place and the 8th-grade team came in 33rd place! Please join me in congratulating the 7th-grade team of Captain Daniel P., Alex E., Jett M., Denton F., and Finch F., and the 8th-grade team of Captain Christopher H., Charlie B., Marcos C., Henry C., and Oliver T.

Individually, Alex E. came in 19th place, and Charlie B. came in 97th out of 670 players! Alex E. was also awarded one of the six "Rising Star" awards for his outstanding performance as a 7th-grade student. Great job teams! AOS is proud!

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