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Spring Athletics Season Recap 2023
Ron Robinson

The spring athletics season at AOS ended recently with one of our teams finishing at the top of the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference! From start to finish the season was full of thrilling games and memorable moments. Each Dolphin competed and gave their best each day all season long. On Tuesday, May 2, we recognized those athletes and celebrated their efforts. Click here to see all of our award recipients!

Let's go Dolphins!

Spring Season Team Recaps


The baseball program was led by Varsity Head Coach Tyrone Thomas, JV Head Coach Tyrese Clayborne, and Varsity/JV Assistant Coach Jabari Talton. This year’s JV Baseball team was composed of all 6th-grade athletes. Like many of our 6th-grade teams, they represented AOS for the first time in school history. Half of the team's games were won or lost by three runs or less in spite of being against older and more experienced teams. These Dolphins never quit or backed down. The highlight of the season was the team’s 6-3 win against Presbyterian School in the team’s Spirit Game. The Varsity team was also chock-full of young talent. If anybody told this team that they shouldn’t win with only two 8th graders and the rest 7th graders, I’m not sure that they would have listened. Not only did they win game after game, they finished the season as the top team in the HJPC and gained a first round bye in the conference tournament. They ended up with a 8-3-1 record. Although they fell short in the semi-final game, this was one of the most successful baseball seasons at AOS.



The softball teams were coached by Dan Muschalik, Emily Villarreal, and Crystal Gonzales. Varsity started the season strong winning four of the first six games. Although they dropped a few games in April, they closed out the regular season with a big 10-3 win over John Cooper. In the HJPC tournament, the Dolphins gave a great effort, but they just couldn’t get the bats going like they did early in the season and lost in the quarterfinal game. They may not have finished where they had hoped, but they played each game with grit and passion, as you would expect from the AOS varsity softball team. The JV team made a strong showing every time they stepped on the diamond. They finished the season undefeated at 7-0-1. The only blemish to their record was an 8-8 tie to St. Francis late in the year. Their average margin of victory was over 10 runs, and they capped off their season with a 10-2 win over Presbyterian in their Spirit Game. The future of AOS softball looks very bright with this group of amazing players leading the charge.


Boys Lacrosse

Boys lacrosse was coached by George Turley and Christian Begg. With a smaller group of players this season, our 7th-grade boys had to help out with both the JV and Varsity games. Each player worked hard and played with tenacity all season. The JV boys got the season going with a 10-2 win over Pershing and closed out the season beating the Pandas a final time, 8-0. Other highlights of the JV season include victories over River Oaks Baptist and Pin Oak Middle School. The Varsity team had big wins during the regular season against Emery Weiner and Pershing Middle School. The Dolphins made it into the HJPC tournament and won their opening round game 6-5 in exciting fashion. The Varsity team lost in the semis to Kinkaid, despite a valiant effort. Boys lacrosse can hold their head high as they represented AOS well and left it all on the field.


Girls Lacrosse

Coached by Ron Robinson and Kimberly Wright, the AOS girls lacrosse program made great strides this season and steadily improved in every area. The JV team was made up of only 13 6th graders, and the majority of the team had never played lacrosse before. From the first day they gave 100%. Each game they learned and improved, and they closed out the year with an impressive 9-4 win over Presbyterian. With the talent and dedication this group has, the sky's the limit. The Varsity team started the season slow with 4 losses. After that, they began to pull everything together and won the next 4 games, including an impressive 15-2 Spirit Game victory over Awty. The girls closed out the regular season winning 3 of the last 4 games and went into the HJPC tournament a different team than when they started. The quarter final game vs. River Oaks Baptist was a back and forth battle from start to finish. Regulation time ended with a 10-10 tie. Unfortunately, River Oaks got the opening draw of sudden victory overtime and scored the game winning goal. It was an amazing game and season for the team.



AOS golf wrapped up their seasons with the girls at Hermann Park on April 11 and the boys at Sharpstown Park on April 12. Both AOS girls, Amelie S. and Monika C., had good showings at the HJPC Championship. They finished in the middle of the pack and only one stroke separated their scores. Our boys played steady all day, led by low scorer Costas P. Although they finished out of the top spots, they represented AOS well with their great effort and poise on the course. The team showed steady improvement throughout the season. With several younger golfers on the team, the Dolphins are already looking ahead to great things in the future.



Alongside second year coaches Koetting Jackson and Pres. Danae Magoulias, the team added Coach Wallis Turley to assist the program this year. AOS tennis continues to grow and improve! Highlights of the year include a 7-3 Spirit Match win over St. Francis. Other highlights include wins in singles matches by Finch F., Daniel P., Denton F., Aman M., Bella P., Jacqueline L., and Laila C. In doubles matches, Henry B., Finch F., Peter S., Aman M., Luca C., Lucas X., Nico E., Max P., Clara J., Anne Cullen F., Turi S., Olivia C., and Alexis R. all had victories throughout the season.


Track & Field

Track & field competed and pushed themselves to be their very best from start to finish. Both the boys and girls in each grade level improved as the season progressed and many broke personal records along the way. Under the leadership of head coach Zsuzsanna Reeves, with assistance from coaches Allayne Austin, Earl Barrett, Sean Brooks, and Shaun Ryan, the team competed at each meet like champions. During the regular season meets, the 7th-grade boys finished in second place at the LSA and Kinkaid Meets. The 6th-grade girls finished in second place at LSA and Kinkaid and in first place at the St. John’s Meet. In the final meet of the season, the HJPC Championship, the 7th-grade boys finished in third place. The 6th-grade girls blew past Kinkaid in the final 4x400 to win the HJPC Championship! Individual highlights for the AOS girls at the HJPC Championship include third place finishes by Nailah B., Zoya J., Carolina M., and Zola R. in the 4x100; second place finishes by Nailah B. in the 200m, Julia C. in the 400m, Noelle D. in the 800m, and Nailah B. in the high jump; and first place finishes by Julia C., Noelle D., Elyse K., and Zola R. in the 4x400, Zola R., in the shot put, and Olivia A. in the discus. On the boys side, third place medals were won by Andrew I. in the 200m hurdles; second place medals by Andrew I. in the 100m hurdles, Griffin O. in the 200m hurdles, Marshal G., Andrew I., Keshav S., and Griffin O. in the 4x100, and Marshal G. in the shot put; and first place medals by Evan P. in the 80m hurdles and Griffin O. in the high jump. What a great way to end the 2023 season.  Go Dolphins!

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