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We Have a Dream
Penny Angelo

Ms. Palmer’s class paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. with a thoughtful discussion and collage project. Students first discussed important terms such as racism, segregation, and peaceful protest. Ms. Palmer also led students through a slideshow that told the story of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. During this presentation, students wrote down important words that describe Martin Luther King, Jr. and then shared their words with the class. To conclude the lesson, students traced their hands five times on different colored paper. They proceeded to cut out their paper hands and write “I have a dream” on one, and four of their most important words on the others. Once they completed this process, they glued each of their different colored hands in a collage format to symbolize equality and unity among all people. While this lesson took a look back on history, students also learned to keep Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message alive today.

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