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What a Difference Space Makes
Sharon Corbett

In our new Lower School Building, classrooms benefit from light and space. Floor to ceiling windows maximize natural light; and new moveable desks, tables, chairs, and other furnishings allow space to be utilized for all types of learning. Whether students are engaged in whole class, small group, or individual instruction, there is a space and setup that is just right.

Jones Center houses furniture designed specifically for our youngest learners and encourages learning through play and inquiry. Spaces are used to encourage natural curiosity, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Common spaces allow for display, performance, and celebration. The space, the light, and the furnishings allow the space to be transformed from the classroom, to lecture hall, to theater, to museum, to ... the possibilities are endless.

The new science and Eureka Labs allow students to explore and extend learning with hands-on inquiry and investigation. STEM and STEAM activities spill out from the classrooms, the art room, and the music room, culminating in meaningful interdisciplinary projects and authentic learning experiences.

This authentic learning continues in the rooftop garden where students engage in planting and tending to the garden. They learn about the life cycle, ecology, dependency and interdependency, and many environmental and life science issues.

AOS has always been filled with smiling students who are eager to get to school to meet friends and engage in learning; but with the new space, the smiles are broader, and the hugs last longer. The Lower School Building, the playgrounds, pavilion, and green space have added extra areas for our students to explore while developing inquiring minds and compassionate hearts.

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