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Xylophones & Glockenspiels
Joanne Bonasso

First-grade students are Orff instrument stars! They recently learned a song on the xylophones and glockenspiels in C pentatonic scale called “New Year.” We’ve all heard of xylophones, but what’s a glockenspiel and how is it different? The glockenspiel is also a percussion instrument that looks similar to a xylophone, but instead of wood bars, the glockenspiel has metal bars, making it a metallophone.

Some students were challenged to play bars C and G on the xylophones, maintaining a steady beat, while others provided a lovely ring during the rest sections with the glockenspiels. The highlight of the class was when students were able to play any bars of their choice during the improvisational portion of the song! Way to go first grade!

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