Dear Parents

At AOS we are dedicated to providing students with rich opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional growth. We believe that every child comes to school willing to learn and we strive to provide the best conditions and experiences to maximize student potential.

Our nurturing and highly trained faculty achieves this goal by providing hands-on, authentic learning in a fun and stimulating environment that is challenging, safe, and supportive. We are committed to embracing the Christian principles of love, compassion, and respect for others, and we model and teach this in our daily interactions.

Our talented teachers deliver a challenging curriculum which includes integrated language arts (reading, vocabulary, word study, writing, spelling, and grammar), mathematics, science, and social studies. Fostering creativity, teamwork, and independence in every child are important goals at AOS. Our students are encouraged to ask meaningful questions and to discover answers and solutions. In this way our students develop critical thinking skills and grow in confidence, allowing each one to develop a life-long love of learning and an ability to be a useful and productive member of society. In addition to core curriculum classes, students participate in music, physical education, art, STEAM, Greek, and religion. This breadth of exposure allows our students to be well-rounded and promotes growth, encourages learning, and feels like family.

Our family at AOS understands the importance of your family. We recognize you as your child’s first teacher and believe that only by working together with you are we able to maximize your child’s success and well-being. At AOS our concern for each other adds value to the lives of our family and our community. We believe that open communication and teamwork between home and school are vital, and we welcome you to contact our Admissions Office, or myself, to find out more.

Yours in education,
Sharon Corbett

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