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Middle School

The Mark Kelly Middle School is where students mature into grounded and compassionate members of society who are prepared for future challenges.

Our middle school begins as students enter their formative years. Therefore, we have intentionally designed our 5th through 8th grade program to sharpen social-emotional skills and push intellectual curiosity. Our enrichment team carefully curates offerings to meet a wide variety of interests and include everything from fine arts to coding and design thinking.

It is an honor and a privilege to support students as they go through one of the most robust social, emotional, physical, and academic growth periods of their lives. Dr. James P. Comer once said, "No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship." We believe this to be true and strive to be a place where children feel known and cared for as they develop into responsible citizens that revel in the joy of learning.

Heather Haas, Head of Middle School

Middle school is a time for students to stretch themselves and develop their independence.  Our division provides a safe space for them to take risks and grow spiritually while authentically engaging with the world at large. Our educators facilitate this by implementing a rigorous academic curriculum with opportunities to think critically and by providing social-emotional support with grace and guidance.

Johna Rusk, Assistant Head of Middle School

Middle School Curriculum