Physical Education

The physical education curriculum provides for systematic instruction in a wide variety of activities to enhance motor, social, and physical development of individuals through body movement. These activities include team sports, lifetime sports, outdoor recreational activities, self-testing activities, structured and unstructured rhythmical experiences and activities to develop and maintain an optimal level of physical fitness.

They physical education program is divided into three trimesters. A scope and sequence is prepared for each trimester based on weather conditions, school activities, as well as holidays and events. Classes and/or groups of students rotate through different units of activity based on the trimester scope and sequence.

Example Characteristics of an AOS Physical Education Class:

List of 12 items.

  • Actively teaches cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation in physical activity.

  • Assesses students on their progress in reaching goals, not on whether they achieve an absolute standard.

  • Develops student’s self-confidence and eliminates practices that humiliate students.

  • Emphasizes knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity.

  • Features cooperative, as well as competitive, games.

  • Is an enjoyable experience for students.

  • Is based on national standards that define what students should know and be able to do.

  • Keep students active for most of the class time.

  • Meets needs of all students, especially those who are not athletically gifted.

  • Promotes physical activity outside of school.

  • Provides many different physical activity choices.

  • Teaches self-management skills such as goal-setting and self-monitoring.

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