Religious Education

The Christian tradition is an integral part of education at AOS, providing a moral and spiritual foundation.

Beginning with a warm and trusting atmosphere, teachers encourage students to be caring, cooperative and responsible individuals. Morning prayers set a positive tone for the day while the "word of the month" gives a focus on a particular value such as joy, courage, and peace. Students are taught that each individual has talents or gifts and that with those gifts come two responsibilities: to develop and to share them. Through example, students come to understand that every human being deserves respect, and that we are caretakers of God's creation.

The hallmark of the AOS Religion program is the atmosphere of joy, respect, acceptance, love, and understanding. While maintaining an Orthodox perspective, the curriculum's presentation is sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of the student body. 

The program blends stories, songs, prayers, and teachings of the Bible with meaningful examples of daily experiences and secular materials. Participation in Chapel is an integral part of AOS. 

The religion program allows the spiritual to complement the academic and allows individuals the opportunity to respectfully interact and to share ideas and ideals.

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