List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the best entry points for AOS?

    We accept applications for all grades. Our primary entry points are Delphi, PK, Grade 5, Grade 6, with spaces open in K, and other grades by attrition.
  • Should I be considering Grade 5 instead of Grade 6?

    While both grades 5 and 6 are viable entry points, we encourage entry into grade 5 as it is the first year of our middle school program. Not only does our grade 5 entry point have more spots available than the grade 6 entry point, but completing the full middle school program offers greater benefits. By entering in grade 5, students develop relationships over four years and have more time to enjoy unique opportunities in academics, fine arts, physical education, and the spiritual life of the school.
  • Is there any special consideration given in the admission process?

    Yes. Special consideration is given to children of members of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, children of alumni, siblings of current AOS students, and children of faculty and staff. However, due to limited openings and high demand, these groups are not guaranteed admission. All applicants, including those in priority categories, must qualify for admission to receive an offer.
  • Do I need to be Orthodox Christian to attend AOS?

    AOS is well-known for its inclusive, welcoming environment. Families from all faiths and backgrounds feel a sense of belonging. Our community self-identifies as Baha’i, Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, Greek Orthodox, Orthodox, Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Protestant.
  • What is AOS’ commitment to diversity?

    Annunciation Orthodox School believes that diversity enriches a school community. We respect racial, cultural, ethnic, physical, religious, socioeconomic, and philosophical differences in our students, faculty, administration, and families. We celebrate our individuality and encourage a climate of mutual interest and respect, in accordance with our Christian values. Our commitment to diversity prepares our students to interact and communicate effectively with a spirit of understanding and compassion in an increasingly global society.
  • What are the important dates for the admission process?

    The deadline for early decision for Delphi and PK for current AOS community members only is October 15 with decisions published in December. The standard application deadline is December 15. Admission decisions will be published on Friday, March 13, 2020.
  • How can I prepare my child for testing and the group evaluation?

    Prior to the group evaluation for Early Childhood and Lower School, parents may explain to their children that they have been invited to do some activities at Annunciation Orthodox School. It is a great opportunity for children to “show what they know” and to use their very best manners. Please be aware that any indication of tutoring for the WPPSI or WISC will void the application for admission. These assessments are used as one piece of the admission process but are not the primary criteria for consideration.
  • What is the wait pool?

    The wait pool is a group of applicants who have completed the admission process and qualified for admission, but for whom there is no space. The wait pool is kept until the start of the school year. If space becomes available, the Admission Committee will revisit the wait pool. New information such as the dynamics and makeup of the newly formed class is considered when accepting students from the wait pool. The wait pool is not ranked in numerical order.
  • If my child is not accepted or placed in the wait pool and we re-apply, will my child have to re-test?

    Yes. Your child will need to complete the entire admission process again, including the testing requirements.
  • Do you offer extended care?

    Yes. Extended Day Care (EDC) provides a safe environment and vibrant experience for students from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM when the children are not in school. EDC is also open on early dismissal days and some school holidays. Registration and fees are required. To learn more about EDC and other after-school activities, please visit our extended day webpage.

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