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When you choose AOS, you are not simply investing in your child's education. You are affirming your belief in the mission of our school, the excellence of our faculty and programs, the strength and proven track record of our curriculum, and our loving and warm community.

AOS is committed to providing our families with the quality that AOS represents and to constantly enhancing and improving AOS in a manner consistent with our mission and strategic plan. As part of this commitment, AOS strives to keep tuition as low as possible while ensuring that our families see the value of every dollar they spend.

For those families of qualified students with demonstrated need, AOS offers a tuition assistance program. Through this program, AOS awarded ~$1.5 million in financial aid this school year.

Tuition (2022-2023)

Division Grades Annual Tuition
(If paid in full)

Monthly Installment Plan
10 payments (May - February)

Early Childhood Five Half Days $21,190 $21,830
Early Childhood Five Full Days* $24,170 $24,900
Lower School Kindergarten - 4th grade* $25,270 $26,030
Middle School 5th-8th grade* $28,670 $29,530

*Lunch program included

See the Truth in Lending Act Disclosure.

Current pledging members of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral receive a 3% tuition discount.

Additional Costs

ACADEMIC Fees Amount               
New Family Fee $300
Registration Fee  $500
Textbooks & supplies Approximate Amount             
Lower School (Kindergarten - 4th Grade) Included in tuition
5th grade $700
6th grade $775
7th grade $825
8th grade $825
Class Trips Approximate Amount  
3rd grade (Overnight Zoo Trip) $100
4th grade (McKinney Roughs)  $250
5th grade (Texas Tour) $500
6th grade (Mo Ranch) $500
7th grade (Colonial Virginia) $2,300
8th grade (Washington, D.C.) $2,500

Extended Day

Program Cost                                                         
After-School Activities $350-500 (average cost per semester)
Extended Day Care (EDC) - Before and Aftercare $45-425 per month
EDC Aftercare Drop-in (until 4:30 PM) $35
EDC Aftercare Drop-in (until 6:00 PM)


Learn more about our Extended Day programs.