Middle School

The Middle School at Annunciation Orthodox School is comprised of grades five through eight.  Fifth grade is a well-designed transition into the unique middle school years.  The culture of the Middle School supports the development of character and ethics, independent and collaborative learning, as well as navigating the challenges of adolescence.  Eighth grade prepares students for high school and beyond.
Fifth and sixth grades are the main entry points for Middle School with approximately 12 to 16 qualified candidates admitted. Seventh and eighth-grade spaces will depend upon attrition. Class sizes are approximately 17 to 18 students per class at the middle school level.

Admissions decisions are based on the candidate’s overall development including social and emotional maturity, character, self-discipline, and preparedness for the AOS academic program, as well as each child’s cognitive abilities.

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  • Evaluations

    • When the application is completed, the Admissions office will schedule an interview and visit for the applicant from 10:00 am to 12 noon in small groups of 3-5 students.
      • Students will work together on problem solving, perform a writing sample, and talk with Admissions Officers in a small groups
    • Parents/Guardians must register the applicant for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) online which may be taken at any site.
    • Scores from either the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V) are required.
      • AOS will accept but does not administer the OLSAT.
      • For applicants with a grade of “C” or below in mathematics or English/language arts, AOS requires the WISC-V. Additionally, the WISC-V can be administered to any applicant whose parents or guardians want information about the candidate’s strengths.
      • AOS strongly recommends and prefers that the WISC-V be administered by the Collaborative Academic Testing Service (C.A.T.S.).  If that is not possible, then only another HAIS school evaluator or a service connected with an institution such as Baylor College of Medicine or Texas Children’s Hospital is acceptable.  To schedule the WISC-V through C.A.T.S., click here
      • Evaluation fee for the WISC-V is $290.00.
    • Students may visit AOS after decisions in March.  This visit is scheduled by the Admissions Office.
  • Recommendations

    • Submit a recommendation form from a current teacher.  You may submit the recommendation form following these steps:
      • For 5th grade, only one recommendation is required.
      • For 6th-8th grade, both English and Math are required.
      • Download the form from the AOS Admissions Portal checklist.
      • Sign the top of the form stating that you will not read the recommendation after it has been delivered to the sending teacher.
      • Email or hand-deliver to the teacher.
      • The sending school should mail the completed form to: 

        Annunciation Orthodox School
        Attn: Admissions
        3600 Yoakum Blvd.
        Houston, TX 77006
      • admissions@aoshouston.org
  • Things To Note

    • Evaluations by independent assessors may not be accepted. 
    • Tutoring and test prep is not an approved or recommended practice.  This does not include generic test-taking skills.  The hiring of someone to “teach the test” can be counter-productive and could result in undue pressure on the child, development of test anxiety, erosion of self-worth and self-confidence, as well as possible misplacement in classes.  Inflated scores can cause higher expectations than the child is able to meet; thus, compromising the child’s success. 
    • Any indication of “practice of the test” in any manner may result in an invalid file and ultimately non-acceptance, or rescinded acceptance, into AOS
    • The WISC-V may be given only once a year.
    • Admissions Decision Letters will be mailed in mid-March.
    • A telephone conference to discuss evaluation results can be requested after the Decision Letters are received.  

Application Process

  • Submit application
  • Applications are available online on September 1st.
  • Deadline for submittal is December 15, 2019.
  • Application fee is $100.00.
  • Contact the Admissions Office 713.470.5611 if you need assistance with the online application process
  • All documents required for admissions should be submitted through the AOS ADMISSIONS PORTAL

Attend a Tour or Open House

  • All parents are encouraged to attend a weekday tour during the admissions season. These opportunities are for parents only; please do not bring children or infants.  Tours are not given after the application deadline.
  • Schedule a tour online.

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