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The study of fine arts calls on our Greek Orthodox roots to develop hearts and minds. Students create, think critically, problem solve, collaborate, and communicate while developing empathy and seeing the beauty in and through creation.

AOS offers a wide range of fine arts programming. Students experience these mediums—which include drama, music, and visual arts—as their own discipline and through integration and alignment with their core subjects.

Outside of the traditional fine arts programs, AOS also offers courses in both the literary and culinary arts. AOS proudly hosts an award-winning, student-created literary magazine that showcases student writing solicited through various writing competitions. Students also practice different writing styles as part of their daily learning.

AOS extends their arts offerings even further with the inclusion of culinary arts. Available as either an enrichment course or an after-school activity, our students develop cooking skills and learn the basic building blocks of nutrition.



Visual Arts

Culinary Arts

Literary Arts

Arts Programming

To cap off student learning in the arts, AOS provides students multiple opportunities to perform and present their work. The fine arts team also deepens student learning through curated museum visits, field trips to professionally produced performances, and a cultural immersion trip.

Christmas Programs

One-Act Plays


Middle School Chorus

Eikon Art Show

Spring Concert

Meet Me at the Museum