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Gain experience that will expand your skill set and enhance your resume by becoming a summer camp counselor at Camp AOS!

Top 5 skills you will gain while working at a summer camp (instead of that office internship you might be considering) per the American Camp Association:

  • Oral Communications Skills: You will be required to communicate effectively with people at every level of the organization-- campers, fellow staff, camp directors, and parents. 

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: You will be challenged to think on their feet--from resolving child health and safety issues to facilitating a group of campers in a multitude of activities throughout the day. 

  • Interpersonal and Leadership skills: You will have the opportunity to model professionalism and compassion by managing a group of campers, while contributing to the growth and development of each individual participant.

  • Collaborative Skills: You will receive on-the-ground, practical, real life training in how to work with a team and help build the culture of your camp community. 

  • Creativity: You will develop innovative and fun ways to engage an audience of two to 200!

Job Openings

Every summer, Camp AOS hires an amazing team for a variety of positions. Click below to learn more about our open positions and apply today! 

Summer 2023 Openings