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The AOS Class Representative Committee is comprised of two Class Representatives for each graduating class. AOS is committed to staying connected to its alumni, and the Class Representative Committee is designed to be one of the ways that we do this. It is a committee created to enhance communication with our alumni, provide valuable information about AOS news, events and happenings and give our alumni a way to share their important life events. 

As liaisons between AOS and our alumni, Class Representatives:
  • Encourage a relationship between their class and AOS
  • Request updated information and news from classmates 
  • Share information with classmates regarding news from AOS
  • Assist in promoting upcoming events with classmates 

Class of 2010: Anderson Clark and Izzy Detmering
Class of 2009: Nick Pefanis and Katerina Stevens
Class of 2008: Steven Gossett and Sarah Farley
Class of 2007: Luca Mariotto and Laine St. Paul
Class of 2006: Charlsie Neutzler and Trevor Konopka
Class of 2005: Mel Lilienstern and Natasha Stolte
Class of 2004: Holly Hughes and Andrew Thorington
Class of 2003: McCay Dickson and Kathleen Garson
Class of 2002: Corey Howell and Maggie Giles
Class of 2001: James Brooks and Megan Kaldis Williams 
Class of 2000: Janikka Bratton and Daniel Romero
Class of 1999: Keefer Lehner, Winnie Simmons Phillips, and Aron Will
Class of 1998: Emma Simmons Anselmi, Percy Creuzot, and Julie Martin Thomas
Class of 1997: Jackie Effenson, Sara Kelly, and Becky Moriarty
Class of 1996: Kelli Lilienstern
Class of 1995: Alan Bradshaw
Class of 1991: Kimball Tyson and Laura Kamas Wheeler
Class of 1989: Ada Kyriasoglou Stehl 
Class of 1988: Maria Germanides

If your class is without a representative, or if your class still needs a second representative, please consider filling this role. Contact Mary Morgan Stevens at mstevens@aoshouston.org to get involved.  

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