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Start-of-School Protocols

Balancing Connection with Safety

We are intentionally calling these “start-of-school” protocols because we expect them to evolve over the course of the school year, perhaps as early as this fall. Last year, we learned a lot about safely operating during a global pandemic, and we believe we can effectively prioritize safety while also focusing on our priority for this year: connection.

We continue to consider guidance from many sources, including the CDC and AAP, and filter this through a team of national medical consultants as well as several medical experts within our own community. We also pay close attention to emerging research as well as our own experience on the AOS campus. While the Delta variant has undermined some of what we thought we knew, we continue to be confident in our ability to keep our community members as safe as possible while on campus.

Safety Guidelines

Our first line of defense is you. We all must change our bar for when we choose to stay home and when we keep our children home. If there is any sign of potential illness that could be COVID-19, your child must not come to school. We as a community must work in partnership to safeguard our AOS family. To that end, we ask that all families adhere to this community commitment.


COVID-19 Protocol: What if...