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Our Academic Competitions

International Academic Competitions has posted the official results from the Houston Regional Finals held on February 23, 2019.  Seven AOS students participated in what was a very successful bee for AOS! In the 8th grade, Alex came in 1st place in the Academic Bee, 1st in the Science Bee and 2nd in the History Bee. His fellow classmate Landon came in 3rd in the Academic Bee. In the 7th grade, Nadiya came in 3rd in the Science Bee and 1st place in the Academic Bee. Congrats and good luck to Alex, Landon, Ellison, Rhys, and Nadiya who are now qualified for the National Bee to be held in Chicago on June 7-10!

In other competitions in January, the US Geography Olympiad and the International Geography Bee, ten of our Middle School students qualified for the Middle School National Championships to be held also in Chicago on June 7-10.  Congrats and good luck to Alex, Ellison, Konnor, Ella Piper, Landon, David, Max, Rhys, Wade, and Reed!

Not Pictured:  Nadiya, Ellison, and Wade

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