The  School  for Hearts and Minds
Academic, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Physical Excellence In a Christian Environment

Why Hearts and Minds?

Annunciation Orthodox School is dedicated to learning through play and taking risks, building perseverance and a genuine love of learning while nurturing the unique qualities of our students. A visit to AOS will reveal that our students are filled with joy and love (κέφι) for their school, their learning, and one another. Come and see what κέφι feels like at AOS!

Upcoming Events

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  • Mar

    AOS Alumni Representatives Kick-Off Meeting

  • Apr

    New Parent Reception

  • May

    Class of 2015 Senior Celebration

Latest News

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  • Special Visitor

    Katherine Veletsos was AOS Head of School for 23 years until she retired in 1996. She is currently the Special Friend for MaryMichael Carbon's 2nd-grade class, and she came to school February 12 to pay them a special visit.
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  • Bravo

    “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  Bravo to our 8th graders on their wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland!
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  • Celebrating 100th Day

    It's our 100th day of school! From 100th-day shirts, crowns, glasses, and necklaces to a cup-building challenge, our Kindergarten and 1st-grade students celebrated this special day!
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