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Hearts & Minds at Home

Hearts & Minds at Home has been designed primarily to address the needs of students who are learning from home while the AOS campus is open to students.

Families that do not feel comfortable returning to on-campus instruction for any reason may choose to participate in Hearts & Minds at Home. Different from our Dolphins at a Distance program, Hearts & Minds at Home is designed to address the scenario in which most students in a cohort are on campus, but some students are learning from home. Hearts & Minds at Home entails the students participating in his/her cohort through a live feed via the Zoom online platform. The teacher will interact with Hearts & Minds at Home students when possible, as the Zoom platform allows for two-way interaction. Students utilizing Hearts & Minds at Home will be provided with a school-issued device. Families may change from Hearts & Minds at Home to on-campus learning at any point during the school year but must provide the school with a one-week notice.

This approach is new for everyone, including every teacher in our school. Teachers will primarily be responsible for the students in their classrooms, but they will do their best to include students at home and tailor activities as often as possible. Please note that this is a brand new approach to education for all of us, and we will tweak and improve each day as our teachers learn new tips and tricks to manage simultaneous instruction for students present in the classroom and students learning from home. We ask for flexibility from our families as we make the transition to this model.

Teachers will utilize Hearts & Minds at Home in the following circumstances:

  • Any time some students in a cohort are on campus and some students are learning from home
  • In Kindergarten-8th grade, any time one or more cohorts are at home in quarantine, but other cohorts in the same grade are present on campus