The Extended Day Center (EDC) provides a safe and fun environment for students from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM when the children are not in school, including most school vacations and early dismissal days.  Registration and fees are required. 

Statement of Goals for our Children:

  • To create a relaxed, trusting, intimate atmosphere where children are encouraged to pursue their own interest, develop friendships and grow in confidence, independence and respect for themselves and others
  • To provide a caring staff that shows genuine respect for the children and have confidence in each child’s esteem
  • To create a stable environment that is inviting comfortable, attractive, orderly, and manageable by the children and a happy exciting place to be
  • To provide for the children a variety of developmentally appropriate activities including expressive art, construction, active play, sports, games, dramatic play, crafts, and reading
  • To form a schedule that allows time for each child to observe, reflect and become absorbed in activities according to his/her own interest and talents
  • To give individual guidance to children based on careful observation of each child’s needs while keeping the parents’ views and goals in mind

Goals for Parents:

  • To assure parents that their children will be in a safe, healthy environment, where their emotional, social and physical needs will be met
  • To provide a quality program complementary to the school experiences of their children
  • To provide two-way communication between parents and Annunciation staff: to ensure that parents are always well informed about the program and their individual child’s experiences here.  Also to ensure that staff members are well informed about the child’s family values so that parents and staff can work as partners in meeting the needs of the children

Extended Day Team

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