The Fine Arts program of theater arts, music, and visual arts is experienced as its own discipline and is integrated and aligned with teaching in core subjects. The study of fine arts calls on our Greek Orthodox roots to develop hearts and minds. Students create, think critically, problem solve, collaborate and communicate, while developing empathy and seeing the beauty in and through creation.

Visual Arts

Prismacolors, repoussé, and textiles are just a few examples of media that are used in the Middle School Art department at Annunciation Orthodox School.  Students build knowledge around the elements and principles of art. They also explore art history and its movements helping each student find their voice through their own artwork.  Students, therefore, gain respect for fine art, their culture, and their own artistic heritage.

Theater Arts

Theater activities give students an opportunity to rehearse solutions to many of life's dilemmas, arming them with excellent coping skills for their real-life futures. The four broad areas that will be covered in each grade level are problem-solving, decision-making, and divergent thinking, abstract thinking, and creative expression. Students perform in various theatrical productions throughout the year, varying from plays to Broadway-style shows. Whether it is a lower school production or an eighth-grade musical, students enjoy sharing their talents on the stage.

Fine Arts Team

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