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AOS values the importance of social-emotional learning. It is the foundation on which all other skills for learning are built, and it is vital for healthy and fulfilling connections and relationships.

We understand that in order to learn, students must feel valued, safe, and loved. Our counselors work proactively to equip students with skills they need to succeed beyond the school environment. Along with a research-based SEL curriculum our teachers utilize in the classroom, we work to supplement that curriculum by proactively teaching lessons in self-care, emotional management, resiliency, and growth mindset.

As counselors, we love and appreciate each child for the individual he or she is. Success is measured not by the end product, but rather the growth made along the journey. It can be found in a child’s smile as they read a difficult word for the first time or in their resiliency when facing adversity and doubt. Whatever success looks like to each individual student, that is what we are here to support.

Erin Shelton, Early Childhood & Lower School Counselor

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