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AOS ensures your children feel safe and welcomed every day by providing a structured and predictable environment. Only when children have these basic needs met can they truly learn and thrive.

In our community, we value strength of character and a powerful moral compass, in addition to academic and physical excellence. To achieve that, we are committed to shaping the emotional intelligence of our students and instilling in them a clear understanding of how to be good citizens and contributing members of their communities, not only here at AOS, but also in the world beyond our campus.

A significant part of the role of our counselors is to support our students’ social and emotional development. We are here, not only to deal with situations that arise when our students are having difficulty coping, following directions, or are making poor choices, but also to help prevent those situations by providing students with the tools they need to function in healthy and positive ways. One step toward achieving that goal is to provide our students with opportunities to learn, develop, and master the essential life skills they need to be successful and happy.

Dr. Jacqueline Jaffe, Lower School Counselor

Early Childhood & Lower School Wellness Programs & Services

Early Childhood & Lower School Parent Resources & Services