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Success in school is not just about reading and math. The most successful students are well-skilled in self-control, emotion regulation, problem-solving, goal-setting, and perspective-taking.

At Annunciation Orthodox School, The School for Hearts and Minds, the social and emotional wellness of our students is of utmost importance. As indicated in our most recent strategic plan, AOS is committed to ensuring that our community continues to be a positive and nurturing environment in which our students feel safe, learn to manage stress and anxiety, and where they are encouraged to reach their full potential in several different areas including personal, academic, physical, and spiritual development.

We truly believe that educating our students on relevant social-emotional topics helps both students and parents become aware of the struggles our students face as they navigate all of the uncertainty that comes with being an adolescent. It is our goal to prepare our students for the ups and downs they will experience both at AOS and as they transition into high school and become young adults. With this aim in mind, the wellness program in middle school includes both didactic and one-on-one opportunities for growth in these areas and are further supported by the following programs.

Claire Getschow, LPC-S | Middle School Counselor

Middle School Wellness Programs & Services

Middle School Parent Resources & Services